Pvt William McFadzean VC

Private William McFadzean Pvt William McFadzean

Private William McFadzean was a 20 year old member of the 14th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles son the Somme on the first day of the battle.

"On the 1st July 1916 near Thiepval Wood, France, in a concentration trench, a box of grenades being opened for distribution prior to an attack slipped down into the trench which was crowded with men, and two of the safety pins fell out. Private McFadzean instantly realizing the danger to his comrades, with heroic courage threw himself on top of the bombs which exploded blowing him to pieces, but only one other man was injured. He well knew the danger, being himself a bomber, but without a moments hesitation he gave his life for his comrades"

He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing.