Langemark German Cemetery

One of only four German cemeteries in the Flanders region. It holds the remains of 44,294 dead of which 24,916 are interred in one mass grave, The Comrades Grave (Kameraden Grab). The air ace Wener Voss is interred in the Comrades Grave.

Onsite are three of the original German bunkers that were installed on this part of the battlefield, one of which has a large basalt- lava cross on top. The entrance is though a short tunnel which eerily has the sound of wind blowing and a single bell tolling.

A statue of four bronze bareheaded soldiers, larger than life,looks out across the Cemetery. This was modelled on a photo of soldiers at a comrades grave, standing bareheaded in a moment of silence.

Adolf Hitler visited this cemetery during WW2 when the area was occupied by German troops. He had served during WW1 at Messines a short distance south of here.

Two British soldiers are buried here as well.