Beaumont Hamel

Beaumont Hamel memorial to the Newfoundland Regt Newfoundland Monument

Seven miles north of Albert on the Somme, at Beaumont Hamel, is one of the largest monuments by area. It is a large tract of land dominated by a caribou statue, the land is dotted with shell holes and preserved trenches. Opened in 1925 it commemorates the members of the Newfoundland Regt who were killed or posted missing  on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. It was the regiments first engagement and they were virtually wiped out in an ill conceived attack on German lines. The assault lasted 30 minutes.

The park is very peaceful with other monuments towards the Hawthorne Crater end of  the ground as well as two small cemeteries. You are free to walk the paths of the park and there is a small vistors centre worth visiting.