Ancre Military Cemetery

Ancre Military Cemetery is situated a couple of kilometres outside Beaumont Hamel on the road to Albert. Beaumont was an important objective on the first day of the Battle of the Somme and many graves within this cemetery are evidence of the fierce fighting that took place on that day.

After the Armistice many graves from other cemeteries were moved here and it now holds the remains of  2540 Commonwealth soldiers, 1335 are unidentified. There are also memorials to 43 who are believed to be amongst the unknowns here. There are a further 16 memorials to those believed buried in other cemeteries. This was because many original graves were destroyed by shellfire and the remains scattered.

One noticable, surprising feature is the extraordinary amount of Naval and Marine burials in this cemetery. The Royal Navy Division captured nearby Beaucourt in the latter stages of the Somme offensive after some hard and bitter fighting. There are also a number of graves of Newfoundland Regt troops which was virtually wiped out on July 1st 1916.